LOMA Vanilla Invigorating Body Wash

LOMA Vanilla Invigorating Body Wash

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Vanilla Invigorating Body Wash

LOMA for Life is a collection of organic, aromatic products for daily comfort. Offering luxurious lather and a light clean after feel.

Embrace your beauty with every use of this rich in emollients, vitamins and organic aloe vera gel lotion. With a beautiful fragrance of vanilla and blood orange to help prepare your mind and soul for the day ahead.

Aromatherapy of Vanilla Bean and Blood Orange

  • Soft, smooth after-feel
  • Organic aloe vera gel based
  • Infused with organic extracts

Key Ingredients

  • Pure Kale Protein
  • Organic Glycerin
  • Organic Chamomile

Never tested on animals.

This body wash is recommended for daily use.