During COVID-19 (and beyond), Chez Allison offers all services in her one chair salon which boasts professional grade HEPA filter system with the latest plasma technology to eradicate the smallest of airborne particles.

Keeping You Safe

Chez Allison provides safety protocols for the guest and stylist.

The Guest

  • May choose to sanitizes or wash hands upon arrival.
  • Is offered an optional 3 ply mask if they have forgotten theirs, or arrives at the salon from another outing.
  • Is offered the use of Crocs® (in inclement weather) to keep feet warm and hair-free while in the salon.
  • Receives a freshly laundered cape and towels.

The Stylist:

  • Wears a mask at all times.
  • Executes pre-screening protocols for each guest.
  • Washes hands before and after each client.
  • Stringently cleans and disinfects the salon.
  • Runs professional grade HEPA system for 1 hour before opening and after closing the salon

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Plasma HEPA filter system

This device is wonderfully efficient. It is an all-in-one whole spectrum purifier incorporating state of the art sandwich filter technology and, with natural Zinc mineral, it kills viruses and bacteria.

Plasma proactively seeks out and deactivates airborne pollutants such as viruses, (yes, including human coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV2 that cause COVID), bacteria, chemical vapours (VOCs), as well as common household odours caused by pets, tobacco smoke, and cooking.

Once the plasma ions come in contact with a virus, it attaches to the hydrogen coating/capsid of the virus which is then pulled away from its host. The hydrogen is a key component to the actual structure of the viral protein coat, and without it, the virus is rendered inert and can simply not infect. This technology provides an army of plasma ions out to seek and destroy anything that can put your health at risk. 

Cleans three times faster than conventional air purifiers.


Before finding Chez Allison I experienced anxiety around getting my hair done, but Allison’s nurturing energy dissolved that.  Be my hair long, short, undercut, balayaged or a special-occasion look, Allison has always delivered. I go out of my way to have my hair done in her wonderful, relaxing environment, and recommend you do, too!

Emily, 20 years old, Student-University of Waterloo

I’ve been a client of Allison’s for years, for one reason only — Allison! Each appointment, she takes time to ask questions about my needs, wants and the direction we want to take my hair, which intimately reflects my own changing life, self image and emotions. She’s an exceptional stylist and colourist with an artistic eye, proving art and emotion go hand in hand when it comes to hair. I highly recommend Allison for any and all of your hairdressing needs.

Julia, Vice President of Marketing

I used to hate getting my hair cut, and now I look forward to it. Allison creates such a warm, welcoming, and peaceful environment for all her clients you might not even notice that you are in the hands of a truly skillful and talented professional. Through the last 20 years of varying degrees of balding and greying, she's always kept me looking good.

P, Male, Lawyer

My husband and I have been exceptionally pleased with Chez Allison’s services, where top priority is her customers. She continually implements ways to make her guests feel important be it through the use of natural products, taking courses, suggesting new styles or offering a soothing cup of tea. While her COVID protocols make us feel very safe, getting our hair done in the “Beauty Dome” surrounded by beautiful gardens is truly a peaceful, relaxing and spa-like experience.

The Malcolms, Retired, Seniors