KONJAC Sponge Aloe

KONJAC Sponge Aloe

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Konjac Sponge Aloe ( sun damage)

Aloe Konjac Sponge is enriched with aloe and other natural ingredients, which soothes and comforts skin and delivers moisture to skin.  It helps protect skin against environmental and sun damages.

An all-natural sponge made from Konjac roots (natural vegetable Fiber’ with extra fine texture.  It is ideal for cleansing everyone, even the most sensitive skin and newborn babies.

Key Features and Facts

* Cleanses pores to eliminate blackheads, dirt and oils.

* Kills acne-causing bacteria.

*Balances the pH of your skin.

* Ideal for people with hypersensitive skin.

* Manufactured in a natural process by using sunlight to dry and heat.

* No preservatives, colouring, or additives.
* Biodegradable, naturally sustainable, environmentally safe.

How to use:

Soak In warm water for 3-5 minutes. Then gently squeeze out excess water, and it is ready to use.

massage your face/body with the sponge in circular motions either with or without cleansing soap.  After use, rinse out and dry in a cool place for next use.