MARCAPAR Recette Base-Purify

MARCAPAR Recette Base-Purify

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Purify Cleansing Base


Recette is a revolutionary preservative FREE shampoo and body wash that combines well being with respect of nature, while providing customized hair and body care.  Mix and match to create the perfect recipe for you, your hair, your scalp and even the season.

The Purify cleansing Base will cleanse and sanitize your scalp, hair and body with the utmost gentleness.  Made only from plants and care, your hair will stay clean and shiny longer than regular shampoos.

Key Ingredients:

*  Algae, rich in fatty acids promote hair growth as well as healthy skin and scalp.  

*  Eucalyptus, stimulates hair follicles, sooths dry skin and reduces itching.  

*  Peppermint, reduces inflammation, rebalances scalp.

*  Sage, restores shine, makes hair soft and manageable.

 Mix with the Hydrosol and aromatherapy of choice and you have your own personalized recipe.

Example: Oily scalp, colour treated hair.

Purify Cleansing Base + Soothing Hydrosol + Purify Aromatherapy