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Evolution XL Round Brush


Size Matters - 3cm Longer!!

The Termix Evolution XL hairbrush is an innovative professional thermal brush. The 3cm longer barrel provides a 25% extra surface compared to a standard brush for faster drying and easier styling.

The Termix Evolution XL brushes feature the unique diamond vented system and PFTC coating and have ergonomic non stick handles. These brushes are bonded together not glued providing additional strength.

  • 3cm longer barrel enables a greater amount of hair to be worked in each stroke and can be used to achieve longer lasting waves and curls
  • Ionized fibres are high performance fibers that eliminate static electricity
  • Unique diamond shaped vent system increases the amount of airflow through the brush by 10% in turn reducing the drying time by up to 30% over other aluminium brushes.
  • 100% ergonomic handle is designed to make this brush easy to use even over prolonged periods of time. It is made of santoprene - a sort rubbery texture - for a non-slip grip even with wet hands.
  • The non-stick tube is coated in PFTC which prevents aerosols or other product sticking to it.

Termix evolution round hair brush is the first brush with 3 cm more surface area for greater speed in the drying process and a single result and uniform hair. Ideal for all types of hairstyles and waves.